Video: Holy Shit Shopping Stuttgart

Season's Greetings form Cute Cottage Overload.
Enjoy our video from the Holy Shit Shopping XMas market in Stuttgart

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Hot Tea is a must at "Holy Shit Shopping"

Cute Cottage Overload serves a nice hot tea to friendly neighbours. Today is the second day of Holy Shit Shopping in Stuttgart.

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Cute Cottage Overload at "Holy Shit Shopping"

The first day of "Holy Shit Shopping" ( Designer's XMas sale starts in Stuttgart.

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Chocolate Warmers

A new product that we created. Inspired by -15°C outside temperature we thought that our chocolate definitely needs something to keep it warm.

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Mr. Wichtel reads Christmas Stories

at Cute Cottage everything is possible. Mr. Wichtel is sitting in his favourite chair and reading Christmas stories to his rat friends.

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Ice Rink Skating

This year we put our ice skating shoes on the wall as part of the Christmas decoration. It´s simply not cold enough.

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Season Opening at Danroeschen

This years season opening with freshly baked Belgium waffles and the first batch of this years 'Schoko Cookie Mix' took place at the Danroeschen shop in Langenfeld, Germany.
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Mini Cakes

At Cute Cottage Overload we love to decorate cakes. These bay leaves and berries are made out of sugar fondant.
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Muffin Top Reindeers

One of our first new creations we are trying to create this season are muffin top reindeers. These cute little buddies will be topping some sweet chocolate muffins soon.
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Cinnamon Stick Candy Apples

Another cute food experiment. Mainly made out of various types of sugar. Definitely not recommended if you are on a diet. The apple doesn`t make it healthy.

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Chocolate Season

At Cute Cottage Overload we are preparing for the chocolate season early. You can never have too many places to store your sweets. We found this one in New Hampshire last year.CMA3BT5DF7MV
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Schoko Cookie Mix

The 'Schoko Cookie Mix' is our first official product that we sell this Christmas season. It´s a ready made mix for very special chocolate chip cookies. You simply need to add butter and eggs and you are in for a cute chocolate experience.

The only problem......the mix looks too good to be consumed.

We`ll be at the 'Holy Shit Shopping' Christmas market in Stuttgart, Germany on Dec 19th and 20th (

Come and see us.

If you are an early bird, we even may have some tasting samples saved for you.
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