Season Closing Baked Apples

This is the weekend, where even I have to admit that the Christmas season has ended. However since we still got some new snow yesterday, it´s a good time to make some baked apples, for old times sake, of course, with a little 'christmassy' rum flavored filling.

Baked Apples
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Our House in Swedish "Allt i Hemmet" Magazine

A very cool post-Christmas surprise. Yesterday, we received a couple of copies from Swedish "Allt i Hemmet" magazine which featured our house in their Christmas 2012 special. Click on the pic to see all pages.

Our House in Allt i Hemmet Magazine Schweden
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New Year, New Ideas

With the new year, new ideas pop into my head. This is great, the only problem with them is that they are around Christmas. So even if it´s already mid Jan, I keep working on Christmas ideas. I have found out that the only way to stay 'in the mood' and keep them coming is by still having the seasonal decoration up. My husband keeps asking when we will be removing things, but they need to stay as long as the idea book Christmas 2012 is not closed yet.

New Year New Ideas
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New Year's Resolutions

When my husband took this photo of cookies in front of Grandma's Pie shop all his good new year´s resolutions were gone. He thought he could stay away from sweets in Jan 2013.

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