Farewell to Summer ?

The end of the school holidays have snuck on me yet again. I cannot help myself but thinking, that this is maybe also the end of the summer?! No more barefeet walking in flipflops, no more dresses wearing without tights below? To hold back the transition into fall a little bit, I planned a backyard barbecue with some summer decorations, for an unforgettable summer party. Besides the cheese-filled burgers and homemade sesame buns, I made the all-time favorite carrot cake. The highlight for me was the baked cookie bunting, which turned out really cute. I pulled some thread through the holes and fixed it between some wood slats. Just to be sure to give the summer the fond farewell it deserves for maybe the last outdoor BBQ...

Carrot Cake with Cookie Bunting
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Good things come to those who bake

As some of you know, I am currently working on a baking book (very excited) that is scheduled for Nov (lot´s of XMas stuff in it). That is the main reason why I am not posting so frequently. The book will be in German (yes, I know, sorry). The best thing: I am already able to allow my mind to be filled up with lot´s new ideas as my hubby will have to do most of the work in the next two weeks. We are in the final correction stages. I promise, the closer we get to it`s release, the more stuff I will be presenting you guys from it. Today, here´s a cute pic with baked "frames" that I'll be using in the book somewhere.

good things come to those who bake
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Weekend coffee, friends and the beach

My hubby and I headed to Holland last weekend, mainly for relaxing and because of the ooohhh so fantastic weather forecast! And it turned out exactly as planned. We even met Julia and her sister in Egmond, I guess that I have last seen her in March on my birthday.

Enjoying Summer in the Netherlands
We had too many "koffie verkeerd" (but who is counting?), we were laying at the beach for hours and I finished 3 books in a row - the perfect weekend just ended. When will we doing that again, please, dearest husband??? A ready packed beach bag and me are waiting already now.

Dutch Coffee Latte called Koffie Verkeerd
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