Upgrade the traditional apple!

With a caramel-cover and some almonds around, this sunday is going to be great! Even if the temperature is now really getting cold in Germany (we had -3C degrees in the morning), the sun is shining, the leafs are falling down, it is pretty nice outside.

Caramel Apple
For the first time this fall, I wore a wollen hat and my winterjacket when we went out for a walk this morning.

Caramel Apple
If you want to make the apples yourself, just heat up some caramels (like f.e. Werther's Echte) in the microwave. Dip the apple in and immediately after coating each apple, dip them into the nuts of your choice. For a prettier presentation I used tree cuttings as sticks, they are even too nice to eat...(well, don't believe that, haha...)

Fall in Our Garden
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