Sweets for Kids on St. Martin

In our area in Germany we have this tradition where kids make their own laterns and knock at doors of houses. When you open up the door, they sing songs that go back to a story of St. Martin, a guy who helped the poor by sharing his clothes. Well, today the kids do not want clothes they are in for a sweet treat.

Kids singing for sweets at our house on "St Martin"
This year, I wanted to make sure that, our house is being recognized as a special location for St. Martin singers, so I prepared recipies that kids love. I had "Caramel Shortbread", big chunks of "Rocky Road" (Marshmallows, nuts and cookies covered in melted chocolate) and "Mars Bar Rice Crispies".

Rocky Road
As you can imagine, these things "worked" pretty good on the kids so that I already have to think of sweets for next year. The expectations are high.

Caramel Bars
Kids singing for sweets at our house on "St Martin"


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