I smell something Yummy - Christmas from the Oven

I promised some more photos from the season opening Christmas buffet at Dani's store. The cookies and cakes are mostly about presentation and making the people feel comfortable. The guests who are coming, knowing already that the taste of gingerbread and co will be amazing, so I tried to show off a really "picture perfect" buffet table, which is stylish and meaningful. First, I am very proud of my Hemisphere Chocolate Cake impression of an English Christmas Pudding. The problem here nobody dared to start eating and cutting it.

Baked Christmas Pudding
Christmas Cake Buffet
I tried to also make cake buffet signs that look like wooden signs. For the actual black signs I used very dark chocolate cookie dough with red sugar icing and a little white icing for the snow on top of it. The white signs are regular cookie dough flooded with white royal icing. For the booth itself I simply used the one that I created in summer and gave it a little Christmasy look.

Cake Buffet Signs
Cake Buffet Signs
Christmas Booth with Cake Buffet
For the Chocolate Cake Christmas Tree, I used a new baking mold which appeared to be pretty difficult to handle as the top of the tree is very thin compared to the bottom leading to different baking times. I applied some tin foil to the top for cooling.

Chocolate Cake Christmas Tree
To create the Ginger Bread Christmas Tree, I used a special Cookie Mold that I found at Lakeland in the UK. Lot´s of stars in different sizes irregulary glued together with icing make a perfekt crooked tree with a Ginger bread man on top of it.

Ginger Bread Christmas Tree
Since we do not have any tableware in the store, people need to eat out of their hands. Millionaire Shortbread and mini Christmas Guglhupf cakes come in handy here. I also made small Pumpkin Spice cakes that were gone with two bites.

Christmas Guglhupf with white chocolate icing
Millionaire Shortbread and Pumpkin Spice Cakes
The rest of the cookie dough I used for smaller Christmas Trees or little Hangtags and a very cute Reindeer Cookie featuring, of course, a red nose.

Reindeer Cookie
Gingerbread Christmas Trees with Hangtags
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