Crochet Totoro

My hubby loves "My Neighbor Totoro", so when his sister asked me for birthday gift recommendations, I said "Why don´t you try to make him a crochet Totoro". I am not very good (and not patient) at crafty things that are "accurate", so this was the perfect challenge for her. What she came back with is simply amazing. Of course the hubby already asked and wants the little white "Chibi Totoro" for Xmas. I am not mentioning the ginger cat here, messing around with the pictures.

Crochet Totoro
Crochet Totoro
Crochet Totoro
Crochet Totoro vs Cat Autofocus Battle
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Kumi said...

Hi! I just visited your blog for the first time. Since I bought your German recipe book, I found here.

I have never expected to find "Tonari no Totoro" on your blog! I have been a little homesick since I came back from Japan, so I am really glad to see my favorite character. Wow.

Its not easy to live here in Vienna as a foreigner, but these pictures cheered me up:).
Thanks! And I will try your recipes soon!

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