Cute Summer Indoor Bunting

To clear out all sorts of crafty leftovers, I came up with the idea for this summer bunting. Little crochet things, buttons, tapes and laces are piling up everywhere at our house and their presence might get questioned by the hubby. So a bunting is the perfect camouflage. However, since the weather is not so nice yet, I had to put it up indoors. I am very happy with the result. Although it looks a little bit too white to me. I will think of adding a vintage look by my usual "Earl Grey" tea coloring before I put it on the front porch.

Summer Indoor Bunting
Summer Indoor Bunting
Summer Indoor Bunting
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Selda V Blacksea said...

Love to see this idea! A bunting is on my textile to-do list and yours is a great inspiration. Thank you for sharing,

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